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    Over the years, several articles have been published focusing on critical and yet unattended topics from the shared services and outsourcing industry. This page shares some of the publications.

    Psychologist’s Couch:
    This is a column regularly published by SSONetwork. It highlights various aspects of cross-cultural uniqueness and makes an attempt to understand better the cultural differences between different geographies.

    Shared Services in Emerging Markets:
    In this article, I have tried to share my thoughts on how to operate a shared services in the emerging market. As the big organizations continue to expand more in the emerging markets so is the need to have solid foundation of shared services. I have tried to highlight some of the challenges people may face when working in these new markets.

    Asian Leadership Approach:
    This article focuses on the path traversed by Asian leadership so far and the journey yet to be taken by Asian organizations. It includes infusion of global ideas with Asian leadership styles.

    Chinese Shared Services:
    Highlighting the advent of shared services on China, this article was written for a trip to an up-coming tier-2 Chinese city Wuhan. The article delicately handles the advantage with the challenges faced by different organizations. For any new location, organizations need to fully understand and socialize the attributes that govern the new geographic expansion process.

    Outsourcing and Global Communications:
    Do you feel that there are more people with gray hair in the BPO industry? Whether this is true or not, BPO industry remains an intense industry and examples of emotional highs are plenty.

    While there is plenty of wisdom available around emotional flashpoints unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of literature. Emotional flashpoints are tremendous threats to any relationship and the badly handled ones can lead to a break of engagement. In today’s complex world, where organizations are more integrated across geographies than ever before, we are faced with demands to operate long hours, work with people across several time zones, and understand accents that sound like a different language and have societal background that may be very different from what we are used to. This article highlights key aspects of global communication.

    Parkinson’s Law:
    This article focuses on how extra work gets created during transitions based on the famous Parkinson’s Law which states that whenever there is ideal time available (vacuum), work gets created to fill the void. A classic manifestation of this syndrome is seen through immense ramp-up of micro-management.

    Who’s the King in India (and Why is it important?):
    Do you know who’s the King of India? You’re thinking, India is a democratic country and doesn’t have a King. Wrong. Think again. The King of India is Ran“King” – ranking!! This started off as a light banter with my daughter but then I realized the importance of ranking in the societal culture. The whole discussion was triggered by an observation my daughter made, about a certain pattern of questions asked by Indians in an introductory conversation. Read the article on how the question of ranking transpires in each introduction interaction.

    Elder Brother Syndrome:

    Many years ago, I remember watching a traffic program on the BBC . In that episode, they showed an errant motorist of African/Caribbean origin. He was pleading with a Caucasian Traffic Officer not to issue him a ticket. When everything else failed, the motorist called him, the Traffic officer, who was at least 10 years younger, “elder brother.” This article delves into yet another aspect of cultural difference that exist between the developed world and the emerging markets.

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