Report: Change Management in M&A (free download)

Change Management is one of the main challenges that is faced by companies pursuing mergers and acquisitions as a strategy to grow. In fact, most of the organizations struggle to define, plan and implement a robust change management program to support the main M&A integration program.

A serious misconception exists in many organizations that change management is all about communication and vice versa, in other words, change management and communication are one and the same thing. There are others who feel change management is fluffy and is a distraction from the main integration.

There are a lot of variations in the definition of change management, and how should it be implemented as part of an M&A integration project.

This is why we have decided to study this field and create insights with the help of top industry thought leaders and practitioners.


Participant Details:


  • Number of people who completed the research > 50
  • Countries represented:  Australia, China, Singapore, India, Brazil, USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Sweden, Kuwait and UAE
  • Profile of participants: Internal practitioners, Retired personnel, Interim managers, Freelance consultants, Service providers and Advisors
  • Functional types of participants: Corporate Development, Integration Leaders, HR Leaders, Finance Leaders, Supply-Chain Leaders, SME (Small and Medium-Sized Business) Business Owners and C-Level Executives
  • Company sizes: The majority of responses received were from large companies. The sample size was too small to offer a meaningful report on SME participation. This research report focuses mainly on medium to large corporations and their acquisitions, which also include SMEs.
  • Industries represented: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Services, Technology, FMCG, F&B, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Banks, Financial Services, and Insurance. Freelancers and consultants also provided their views based on their experience with large companies.


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