Ultimate M&A Integration®
with Confidence

A Step-by-Step Course to Elevate your career through M&A Integration Success

Introduction to Ultimate M&A Integration Course


with Anirvan Sen

So you’d like to implement an M&A Integration confidently? Awesome. Implementing an M&A Integration Training successfully is one of the surest ways to catapulting your career to a different level, but the process of integration is fraught with challenges and uncertainties. How do I effectively run an Integration? Where can I find a checklist? What will be the depth of integration? How do you mobilize the organization? How can you realize your synergies benefit with least impact on business? How do you manage interdependencies between functions? And even when you are running the project, how do you ensure that the schedules and timelines are met, and organizations are culturally consolidated?

I’m going to guide you cut through the chaos—to not only learn how to properly plan and implement M&A Integration Training but make sure that you do it confidently every time with each integration.

In Ultimate M&A Integration®, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of planning an M&A Integration Training. With specific frameworks, a real business case tutorial, and industry examples along the way, you’ll learn precise skills that will enable you to lead M&A integrations confidently and get noticed by your executive leadership.

Your CEO is waiting to see you in action.



I’ve led and trained a lot of M&A integration practitioners.

Here’s how I can help you

I’ve been involved in business transformation and M&A Integration Training since 1997 beginning with an integration of a trailer rental European business followed by an internal merger of a porta-cabin business.

But I didn’t stop there! Since then, I have been involved in several other acquisitions. I have led, advised and mentored integrations across the globe, different sizes and different industries.

In addition, I have been part of executive teams that implemented large-scale organization strategies and transformation including internationalization, ERP implementations, New-Product Introductions, and Organization Restructuring.

Throughout the business transformation journeys and training practitioners, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, I’ve acquired deep insights on how to combine science and art to create a highly effective framework.

I have taken best practices from Fortune-500 companies, experiences from M&A, PE and investment industries and my own insights of running a start-up/scale-up business, and combined them to create a specific methodology that will help to plan integrations confidently, and give you frameworks that you can use repeatedly for different integrations without an issue.

And over the past few years, I’ve shared a lot of what I’ve learned to help hundreds of practitioners get set up and run effective M&A integration through my M&A Integration Training.

But in the process, I’ve also received input from practitioners that they more than just a training course. They need specific frameworks, checklists and a practice setup where they can test their learned skills. They need a hands-on tutorial to walk them through various scenarios in an M&A Integration. Moreover, they also want to ask questions, they want to discuss and debate various scenarios based on the business case exercise with their peers and colleagues. And while they are doing it, they need advice and guidance. They need someone who’s been there and done it to help guide them through the whole process.

That’s why I created Ultimate M&A Integration®, to help both seasoned and aspiring practitioners learn from my successes—and failures—getting my own transformations off the ground.

Ultimate M&A Integration® gives you everything you need to plan and implement your M&A Integration Training successfully, a framework that works and helps you create your own customized checklists, and access to a community of other practitioners ready and willing to share their advice with you.


Here’s what’s included with

Ultimate M&A Integration®

  • Ultimate M&A Integration® was built with the M&A and corporate development practitioner in mind. Whether you’re an early-stage M&A specialist or a seasoned transformation professional and you’re looking for help with each step along the way, this is the course for you.
  • Kick-start your integration planning. There are four distinct course days with 19 sections (over twelve total hours!), taking you from idea to a comprehensive understanding required for planning
  • Clear action items let you plan for successful implementation, teaching you how to plan integration with the right frameworks, ability to self-create checklists, and  leverage your peer group for a diversity of ideas
  • Create your own integration planning playbook, through more than 20 discussions, 8 exercises, 2 value assignments, and your own printable workbook
  • Gain exclusive access to a practitioner community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your fellow classmates.
  • Office hours with Anirvan to give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice.


How to prepare and launch

a successful M&A Integration

Across four distinct course days, you’ll learn all about:

  • The why M&A Integration: You’ll gain a deep perspective on how and why M&A is required as a strategy by organizations across the world—from understanding the build-borrow-buy method to leveraging the most powerful framework required for integration planning by which you can plan and implement an M&A integration uniquely and confidently each time.
  • Mastering the technical stuff: I’ll help you with all the technical frameworks and know-how required to use these frameworks like a professional, including an in-depth understanding of stages of M&A Integration Training, Haspeslagh-Jemison quadrant for integration depth, cultural integration, change management, Greiner’s curve of organization evolution, synergies, integration management office and integration planning.
  • Setting up your planning playbook, questions, and more: I’ll teach you how to get your playbook created, including developing checklists, list of points to consider, your own set of questions and assessments your integration, that will help you build a precise plan for your company’s acquisitions.
  • How to prepare and launch an M&A Integration with super confidence: Learn how to effectively plan and share your thoughts on M&A integration with executive management, get invited to key organizational discussions, and be seen as a key person of influence in your organization, and maintain your strategic brilliance for years to come.


Practitioners who intend to learn the right steps

Ultimate M&A Integration® is designed for practitioners looking to conduct M&A integration effectively and better utilize their company resources wisely through choosing the right steps.

You’re always looking to effectively and confidently plan in a way that makes a difference. Your ability to manage an M&A integration effectively has been latent all these years, and this is the year you’re going to give wings to your confidence. You’re not only planning an M&A integration—you’re building a personal brand with an opinion. I’m excited to help you create your own planning playbook with Ultimate M&A Integration®.


Here's what past attendees have to say

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Get started confidently

Stop thinking about the hesitations and get started confidently on your M&A Integration today. Ultimate M&A Integration® will hold your hand through all the hard parts, including orienting your thinking, setting up your framework, learning how to create and edit checklists, and getting your M&A Integration planning done confidently out into the world.


Day One

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • What is an M&A
  • What are different types of M&A
  • Why do M&As fail
  • Stages of M&A
  • Build-Borrow-Buy Framework
  • Integration Myths
  • Virtual Workshop: An Asian company’s strategic desire to expand into Europe


Day Two

  • Reflection on Day-One
  • Interdependence-Independence framework (Haspeslagh Jemison)
  • Integration planning; depth of integration
  • M&A Impact of organizational evolution (Greiner’s Curve)
  • Mind the Gap (Greiner’s elements gap)
  • Synergies
  • Virtual Workshop: Integration Checklist


Post Day Two – Assessment Remote Assignment (4 days completion time)

  • Creating a strategic approach thesis for an Asian company on a potential European acquisition


Day Three

  • Reflections from Day Two
  • Understanding Change Management
  • Change Management Approach
  • Understanding Organizational Culture
  • Cultural Conflict Reflections
  • Virtual Workshop: Change Management Planning


Day Four

  • Reflections from Day Three
  • Communication
  • Integration Management Office (IMO)
  • Integration Governance
  • Workstream Management
  • Day-One Planning
  • Virtual Workshop: Communication Playbook

All the sessions are half-day sessions that include concepts and workshops

All sessions will be conducted at 16:00-19:30 hrs SGT/HK | 13:30 – 17:00 hrs IST | 10:00 – 13:30 hrs CET


Be certain Ultimate M&A Integration is right for you

Is this course for me?

Whether you are a seasoned M&A Integration specialist, or you are planning to become one; and you strongly believe in not wasting precious company resources in transformation project then this course is for you. You can be a project manager, operational manager, deal/M&A manager, change manager or an enthusiast, this course covers material to create a robust foundation in M&A integration. After finishing the course, you should be able to participate in “any” M&A Integration CONFIDENTLY.


What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

You will only need a computer, an email account, ability to connect with Zoom, a pen and a paper to take notes.


What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question related to this course, email info@fifthchrome.com. Thanks!


How long is the course?

The course is spread over 2 weeks with 4 half day sessions (Friday and Saturday). Apart from that there is an assessment exercise that is about 3-4 hours remote effort. Each half day consist of two parts: Classroom and Workshop approx. 1.5-2 hours each.


Can I pay with Credit Card or PayPal?

Yes. We have tickets available through Eventbrite or you can contact us directly for payments. We also, have an installment plan for selected cases where payment can be made directly to us through Bank Transfer, Credit Card (Stripe gateway) or Paypal.


What if I am unhappy with the course?

Oh no! We don’t want that! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, let us know and we will refund your payment within 30 days. We would appreciate notification within the first 30 days of the course.


Can I cancel my participation?

We want you to attend our training. However, we understand that sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control. We have a flexible cancellation where you can get a 100% refund if you can cancel 7 or more before the start of the training, 50% refund when you cancel between 7 days and 3 days before the training. After that there is no refund. Also, our early-bird fees are non-refundable.


What is the total value of the course?

The total value of shared items is worth €3800 but being offered to you at a highly discounted rate. We are sharing this value at a highly discounted rate because we want to help individual practitioners during this difficult economic times


Is there a discount?

Discount is made available only to very special cases. Please contact us at info@fifthchrome.com for more details


Be a certified Ultimate M&A Integration® specialist


And the price you won't pay

  • Certification = €800
  • Same content as physical classroom course (4 x €150 sessions) = €600
  • Physical Workshop and Exercises (4 x €150 sessions) = €600
  • Peer-to-peer discussion (4 x €100 sessions) = €400
  • Live Guidance (4 x €150 sessions) = €600
  • Assignment Assessment and Feedback = €200
  • Integration Planning Playbook Workbook = €200
  • Video Recording of each lesson – 4 x €25 = €100
  • Course presentation deck – 4 x €25 = €100
  • Office Hour with Anirvan – 2 x 30 mins session post-training = €200


Total Worth of Values Shared €3800*

ACTUAL COURSE FEE OFFER: € 467 + Taxes (~ 85% discount on the combined values)


*Typical cost to enterprise business looking to arrange in-house training p.p.

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