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Running M&A Integration is always a challenge. Integrations by design are destined to fail unless specific interventions are added. Based on leading practices with a focus on people and culture, we have created a powerful 6-step design process for a successful integration.


M&A Cultural Integration

Culture impacts an integration massively in multiple ways. It can bolster collaboration between teams, accelerate new solution development. On the contrary, mismanaged culture can lead to animosity between individuals, rise of politicking or introduce significant delays in an integration.


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How ROBUST is your M&A Integration Design and Planning?

Do you have the right level of experience to plan your Post-Merger Integration CONFIDENTLY?

Developing a strategy for an M&A Integration is more than just following checklists. It requires a comprehensive understanding of key principles, patterns, strategic frameworks, tools, and techniques. It requires capabilities to pre-empt challenges, addresses issues, and course-correct while the integration is being implemented.

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On-Demand Self-Paced Training for Professionals

6-part M&A Integration Masterclass

M&A Integration Masterclass was built with the M&A and corporate development practitioner in mind. Whether you’re an early-stage M&A specialist or a seasoned transformation professional and you’re looking for help with each step along the way, this is the course for you.

A Step-by-Step Course to Elevate your career through M&A Integration Success

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Podcast: S2 - Ep3: M&A Stories from HR, People and Cultural Perspective with Dr Klint C. Kendrick

Overall 70% of M&A deals fail as per Harvard Business Review. When these deals fail, the impact of these failures tends to be in millions of dollars. They affect employees, leaders, other staff members, contractors as well as communities. A significant number of them can be attributed to people, organization, and cultural issues. This means it is important that these issues are addressed up-front during an integration before it is too late.


Podcast: S1 - Ep1: In conversation with Nico Eggert Expert on Digital Co-creation

The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to transact businesses in the digital world. Most non-native digital businesses are woefully unprepared to conduct business in the current crisis. Is your business prepared for it? Have you evolved to the Digital 2.0 generation? More importantly, do you have the RIGHT enabling technologies strategy/implementation plan to get exceptional HIGH Growth?


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