• Why Fifth Chrome

    Fifth Chrome is an advisory think tank with a global footprint. We specialize in the areas of Organization growth, Mergers and Acquisition Integrations, Lean process excellence and Digital transformation.

    Our methodology comprises has been based on years of experience driving transformation across Fortune-500 as well as small-and-medium size enterprise. We have specifically defined playbooks that allow companies to embark on a high-growth platform, merge and integrate to create substantial value and/or embark on digital transformation. Our approach has infused LEAN management, organization redesign and strong governance model elements to create a robust approach.

    Our practitioners, associates and partners have strong experience in Europe, US, Middle-East, Africa, ASEAN, China and India; and they bring their multi-cultural orientation to all our projects to effectively work in a global setting.

    Latest News

    Fifth Chrome partnering with John Hamalian produces an approach to 21st LEAN management

    July 5th, 2017 – Inspired by the original idea of John Hamalian on how 21st century LEAN management is different from 20th century LEAN manufacturing thinking, 5C designed a program on how organizations need to approach LEAN management under changed and globalized world order. See the video to get more details


    For more information, email us at devyani@fifthchrome.com


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    Mergers and Acquisitions are a quintessential element of enterprise growth in the 21st century. 5C brings in years of experience in successfully managing integration of companies.

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  • Technology

    Technology plays a decisive role in today’s world. Fifth Chrome provides highly experienced technology practitioners who have honed their skills by being part of several implementations.

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  •  Workshops and Training

    Our workshops & training program is conducted by industry experts who blend their experience along with our framework. This enables our program to transfer theory of new skills with practical relevance.

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