For the success of large-scale and complex transformation programs, they must have the right level of mobilization, readiness, right skilled teams, and a relevant set of tools and templates along with a time-tested methodology. Our years of experience help us to select the right combination of these elements for our clients. Our advisory includes services in 4 directions – Organization Transformation, Operating Models for Global Shared Services, M&A and Post-Merger Integration, Internationalization and Globalization.

Organization Transformation

Organizations have to constantly reinvent themselves in the rapidly changing world. To stay ahead of competition, organizations will need the right leadership, right techniques to drive growth or cost optimization, and the right organizational management. Based on our global experience, we have created a framework that organizations can adopt seamlessly andĀ transform their operating model to thrive in the VUCA world.

Operating Models for Global Shared Services (OMGSS)

Most shared services organizations have not undergone transformation since their original setup. However, most organizations are demanding operational optimizations and digital transformations of their shared services. Our shared services team using Competing Values Framework, Organizational Science, and Talent Architecture, have created a unique framework to build a high-performance Operating Model for Global Shared Services.

M&A and Post-Merger Integration Services

According to industry reports, up to 8 out of 10 M&A Integrations fail. Most of these failures are attributed either people, leadership and organization culture. Based on years of research and insights from our network of industry practitioners, we have created a 6-stage M&A integration framework that can catalyze any M&A and post-merger integration.

Internationalization and Globalization

With rapid globalization and cross-border connectivity, it is critical for most businesses to explore international expansion. Our team of advisors and network of partners across the world can help your business create a robust strategy, navigate your way through local setups and operationalize your base with revenue generation and talent attraction.