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    “When we leverage, we aggregate and organise existing resources to achieve success” – Richie Norton

    Watch this space as Fifth Chrome offers you a wide range of leadership articles, blogs, news and views based on real life functional experiences with lean six sigma methods blended in a holistic approach.

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    • 10 catalysts on how GBS can transform your M&A integration

      Did you know that GBS can be a catalyst for your M&A integration and carve-out programs? Global Business Services or GBS is a multi-functional back office organization that exists in many companies in today’s corporate world. GBS organizations are primarily created to consolidate back office functions under one organization, one operating principle and one leadership […]

    • Top 5 things to consider at the time of Mergers & Integration

      M&A is one of the complexities of modern day corporate world. At the outset, it is required to gain competitive advantage and, therefore, should be part of any serious-play arsenal. And yet, since it is fraught with pitfalls and contradictions all along the journey, many companies either have failed to implement a successful merger or […]

    • Procure to Pay LEAN Workshop

      Get high levels of efficiency in Procure to Pay process using LEAN Six Sigma methods in a 3-day workshop

  • Organisation Transformation

    Fifth Chrome offers a comprehensive organization transformation suite that spans from organization design to processes to technology and all of it is enveloped.

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  • Mergers and Integrations

    Mergers and Acquisitions are a quintessential element of enterprise growth in the 21st century. 5C brings in years of experience in successfully managing integration of companies.

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  • Technology

    Technology plays a decisive role in today’s world. Fifth Chrome provides highly experienced technology practitioners who have honed their skills by being part of several implementations.

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  • Education

    Our education program is conducted by industry experts who blend their experience along with our framework. This enables our program to transfer theory of new skills with practical relevance.

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