Blockchain as a competitive edge in corporate world

With rapidly changing technology landscape in current corporate world, organizations are struggling to keep up with new knowledge and skills. And because of this, “revolutionary” technology like Blockchain is missing out to gain full visibility and a seat at the table. With distributed ledger-system that is valid for multi-party, highly secure, hacker resistant, immutable, easily interface and significantly cheaper to implement, Blockchain offers a special bouquet of benefits that can radically take the friction away, minimize the resistance and change the way conventional businesses are run and create a definitive competitive edge.

This program is designed to create an awareness, relevance and benefits for key stakeholders in the corporate world as well as focus on areas that can used to reduce friction and resistance

The program is a combination of training, case-studies and a workshop.


The objectives of this program are:

  • To acquire a good understanding on the fundamentals of how Blockchain can be leveraged to create competitive edge for corporates and businesses
  • To be able to compare-&-contrast with conventional technology
  • To hear about some best practices
  • To see some case studies related to Supply-Chain, Finance, Healthcare, Asset Management and Agriculture
  • Walk through one “real” implemented case
  • Learn how to approach to create a Blockchain program within your organization
  • Socialize some of the challenges and frictions that you are likely to face
  • Learn how to drive change and transformation management during a Blockchain program implementation

Target Audience:

  • Heads of IT, Strategy, Finance and Supply-Chain
  • Senior program and project managers
  • System designers and organization architects
  • Value-chain owners
  • Project teams: Business and Technical
  • Operational teams: IT, Strategy, Finance and Supply-Chain
  • Others who are or want to be involved in the design and development of Enterprise Blockchain solution for an organization
  • The program is specifically designed with limited or no prior technical or Blockchain knowledge.

Program / Agenda:

  • Introduction                                  30 mins
  • Enterprise Blockchain                  45 mins
  • Compare-&-Contrast                   30 mins
  • Case Studies and Real-case        75 mins
  • Workshop                                     90 mins (Illuminating Challenges)
  • Workshop                                     45 mins (Roadmap Mapping)
  • Change Management                  45 mins

Open and In-house training:

  • This program is conducted both as an open training as well as in-house. For in-house option, the program is customized and content optimized to give focus on organization specific deliverable

Duration of the program:

  • One day (1.5 hours session each; 2 coffee breaks – 30 mins; 1 lunch break – 1 hour)


  • Conference or training room, beamer and screen, flipcharts, markers and post-its


  • Teams need minimal preparation to attend. Possessing knowledge or understanding of a specific functional area that can potentially be put on an Enterprise Blockchain will be an advantage.


  • Course material will be shared either in pdf or print format

Group size:

  • 3 formats available (nature of the workshop is customized, content still stays the same):
    • 5-7 senior individuals
    • 12-15 participants
    • 25-30 participants

Program fees per participant

€ 995 ex. VAT

For group training, please contact us at