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Data Analytics based LEAN Six-Sigma Improvements

  • Data Analytics based LEAN Six Sigma Improvements

    Data Analytics based LEAN Six Sigma Improvements approach is based on an innovative approach that combines the latest Data Analytics tools and LEAN Six Sigma programs. This is in collaboration with Connected-Insight’s data analytics platform. The approach significantly increases the benefit that can be derived from process improvement and other LEAN six sigma programs.


    A large number of LEAN Six Sigma programs across different organizations are struggling today. One of the most compelling reasons for lack of success is collating and sieving critically important data that may lead to focus on trivial many initiatives rather than a critical few. Organizations tend to get stuck with Analysis paralysis or faced with massive proliferation of excel factories that makes leadership view even the most sacrosanct reports with a suspicious eye.


    Another aspect of LEAN six sigma programs is that many of the initiatives are based on point-initiatives (tries to improve points in a system) rather than taking a system-based

    Third aspect is that lack of access to good benchmarking data. This approach collates organization’s data and then compare and contrasts with industry specific benchmark data (obtained from APQC).

    By combining all the above mentioned elements, Data Analytics based LEAN Six Sigma programs can create quantum impact in organizations.

    Would you NOT like to take advantage of it? Worth thinking!!

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