Procure to Pay LEAN Workshop

Procure to Pay LEAN Workshop

  • 5C launches Procure to Pay LEAN Workshop


    Procure to Pay LEAN workshop blends practitioner’s experience and LEAN six sigma to provide a framework to achieve significant cost reduction and greatly enhance process improvements. At the end of the workshop, the participants learn key LEAN six sigma principles and walk away with a clear solution-direction and tools to manage the change required to achieve increased effectiveness.

    Benefits of the Workshop:

    • Standardization of process steps
    • Streamlining Approvals
    • Reduced Cycle Time
    • Increased FTE productivity

    Overall, get a 15-20% Cost Reduction Opportunities through the Procure-to-Pay LEAN workshop.

    The Procure to Pay LEAN workshop uses LEAN six sigma principles like 5S, 7 types of waste, Voice of the Customer (VoC), SWOT and other tools to create maximum impact to improve effectiveness of Procure to Pay process.


    The 3-day workshop agenda outline is as follows:

    Day One

    • Voice of the Customer (VoC)
    • Organization Assessment
    • Leadership SWOT

    Day Two

    • LEAN Awareness Training
    • Working team SWOT
    • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Process mapping

    Day Three

    • 5S injection
    • 7 types of waste reduction injection
    • Roadmap and Next Steps


    Procure-to-Pay LEAN workshop participants will walk away with a clear solution-direction, how to run a business process management and tools to manage the change that needs to be brought about the way Procure-to-Pay process needs to be changed.

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    • Procure to Pay LEAN Workshop

      Get high levels of efficiency in Procure to Pay process using LEAN Six Sigma methods in a 3-day workshop


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