Operational Excellence

Organizations and Business leaders across the globe are having to constantly evaluate their business models to remain relevant in today’s hyper-competitive world. Whether growing through product diversification, going to new markets, increasing their commercial organization or finding means of reducing costs, organizations need to continuously embark on strategic initiatives to be competitive. However, limited expertise in transformation initiatives, lack of awareness of new markets and scaling up remain a real challenge for many organizations.

Our approach and value proposition

Fifth Chrome offers a comprehensive organization transformation suite that spans from organization design to processes to technology and all of it is enveloped by a robust governance platform.

We Infuse globally recognized methodologies with experiential knowledge to design client specific solution. Our solutions are designed to give our clients a definitive edge and effectiveness to enhance their competitive advantage, and incorporate elements of LEAN six-sigma, practices from Fortune-500 companies

What solutions

Geography Expansion

  • With our rich experience in various international location, we can provide a comprehensive geography expansion strategy for organizations. We specialize in North-West Europe, Eastern Europe, UK, Turkey, Middle-East (GCC), Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Mozambique), South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan), ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines), US, Canada and Greater China. Our strategy includes location analysis study, channel partnership and cross-border scaling up
  • Tools: Location analysis matrix, cross-border organization design
  • Solution: Geography strategy study and analysis, fit-for-purpose channel partnership study, cross-cultural awareness workshops. In addition, we work with location based legal and tax firms, strategic partner firms, HR and location agencies, and government agencies who can provide location specific services.

Business Planning and Strategy

  • We advise organizations to create strategy blue-print, future state organizations, target operating model, business and scenario planning.
  • Tools: We use business model canvas, Porter’s 5-forces, legacy learning
  • Solution: Combination of workshops, advisory and convergence sessions

Cost transformation for Growth

  • Many organizations struggle to manage costs and thereby, get distracted from their focus on growth. At Fifth Chrome, we have devised solutions that help achieve radical cost optimization and reduction and providing much needed cash for growth focused initiatives.
  • Tools: Lean Six-sigma, SCOR, Predictive Analytics, Kaizen, Working capital optimization, Post-merger optimization, Value-Stream Mapping, Indirect spend benchmarking
  • Solution: Kaizen workshops, benchmarking and data analysis, advisory, program design and implementations

Change Management

  • An important part of any transformation project, we offer change management solutions. Our solutions include change readiness, leadership alignment, change program design, change and communication implementation
  • Tools: Kubbler-Ross Curve analysis, Greiner’s business maturity curve, William Bridge’s transition phases, communication templates
  • Solution: Readiness analysis, change program design, discover and alignment workshops, communication matrix, mentoring and implementation

Organization scale-up

  • We advise organizations to create accelerated growth models which is a combination of step-planned organization growth (3-5 years), major intervention milestone points, governance requirement and readiness for scaling up.
  • Tools: business model canvas, organizational governance
  • Solution; Detailed diagnostic, scale-up design, alignment workshops, scale-up governance adoption and mentoring during scaling-up period.

How to engage us

Best way to start is to organize a 2-hour “Operational discovery” interactive session with one of our experts and followed by an “On-site diagnostic” study. Based on the study, we provide recommendations that your organization can pursue. Both the Operational discovery and On-site diagnostic is non-commercially binding and complimentary. The recommendations can be acted upon by solely your team, by 3rd party, by Fifth Chrome or a combination there of.