For success of large-scale and complex transformation programs, they must have right level of mobilization, readiness, right skilled teams and relevant set of tools and templates along with a time-tested methodology. Our years of experience help us to select the right combination of these elements for our clients. Our advisory includes setting strategy, globalization, transformation design and program design.


Many organizations struggle with their in-house setup to lead large scale transformations. We offer a comprehensive assessment framework to analyze an organization’s capabilities. The framework include strategy, leadership alignment, project team skills and capacity, organizational experience and ability to mobilize


Each transformation program has its unique nuances and is a combination of arts and science. A large part of the program gets constructed based on tools and templates, and the rest needs to be designed based on organization requirements. Elements like culture, change management, leadership orientation, organization structure and industry practices influence the design of a transformation program


Whether to drive consensus, build a new capability and skills, problem solving or design creation, Fifth Chrome offers a range of workshops and trainings linked with M&A Integrations, Operational Excellence and Blockchain. Our trainings differentiate themselves as being highly rich in sharing experience based examples apart from theory, tools and templates