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organisation transformation

  • Organisation Transformation

    organisation transformation

    organisation transformation

    Fifth Chrome offers a comprehensive organisation transformation suite that spans from organisation design to processes to technology and all of it is enveloped by a robust governance platform.

    We specialize in offering organisation transformation advice to the mid-market segment. Through our alignment and reflection workshops, we understand and frame impediments that stunt company’s growth and expansion plan or creates a negative competition between growth and stabilization. We focus on organic growth, new geography expansion, stabilization or a hybrid approach, as well as facilitate growth through acquisition through our strategic alliance partners.

    Our advisors take a holistic view and offer transformational change management.

    Business Planning and Strategy: Any organisation transformation needs to be built on a sound foundation. This foundation is usually built around business planning and strategy. We provide strategy setting tools and facilitate dialogues through workshops, consultations, interviews and meetings.

    Organisation Design: Based on Galbraith’s Star model or McKinsey’s 7S, we facilitate designs and re-designs for organizations. We review organisation structures, capabilities, process and technology and provide design recommendations that creates a synergized capability to address the strategic intent of the organization.

    Scenario Planning: We conduct workshops and create future-state logical models for a realistic discussions amongst the stakeholders. Stakeholders can socialize different scenarios and make an informed judgment on the direction for their future state.

    Geography Expansion: Our practitioners bring in a wealth of global experience. We leverage the experience and location astuteness to provide vital location specific data points and analysis that assist organisations to make decisions about geographic expansions of their organisation. We manage our own knowledge databases, leverage 3rd party databases like World Bank, payroll databases as well as socialize the analysis with our network of associates and professionals who have direct experience with the region/locations.

    Governance and policies: For every transformation to a new future state, a key requirement is around governance and operating model. Governance usually includes policies, reporting to leadership as well as managing an organisation-wide operations calendar. Our practitioners have rich experience in writing policies and effective implementations.

    Capability and skill upgrade: We provide tools and competency sets to evaluate current workforce. Our competency sets are built on industry standards that are customized on the basis of current as well as future needs of the organisation. Upon evaluation report-out, we also can make recommendation around capability and skill-set upgrade through our “Education” program that includes classroom trainings, on-the-job coaching and knowledge workshops.

    Technology and process enhancement: We use principles of LEAN six-sigma to drive a culture of continuous improvement. Whether its driving standardization using 5S, Ishikawa principles (Fishbone), simple digitization or ERP implementation, we have rich experience in program managing these initiatives.

    Smart sourcing: A crucial strategic tool for running any organization. Smart sourcing also referred to as strategic sourcing can have a huge impact on managing operating costs for an organisation. Whether it is labor arbitrage for support functions, procuring specialized services like security, managing in-direct spend or consolidating direct material to reduce freight costs, all are part of smart sourcing. We provide data analysis, facilitate RFx process, vendor selection as well as contract content management (SLAs, KPIs – Non-legal components).

    Outsourcing and Shared Services: Similar to smart sourcing, however, since outsourcing and shared services has significantly higher impact than other sourcing strategies, we offer customized advisory and implementation services linked to this area. Strategy Framing, business case creation, design of delivery model, selection of 3rd party vendor for outsourcing, location analysis for offshoring, on the job knowledge transfer, pilot runs and stabilization form part of the suite of services that we offer. We also, have strategic alliances that allow for Build-Operate-Transfer models to manage organisation transformation risks.

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