Mergers and Acquisitions are a quintessential element of enterprise growth in the 21st century. To remain competitive and continuously achieve high growth, companies find it highly challenging to grow organically alone. Businesses constantly look at opportunities where their company’s limited advantages can be supplemented by advantages of another company and that is why, businesses explore options of combining the advantages through strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Organizations and Business leaders across the globe are having to constantly evaluate their business models to remain relevant in today’s hyper-competitive world. Whether growing through product diversification, going to new markets, increasing their commercial organization or finding means of reducing costs, organizations need to continuously embark on strategic initiatives to be competitive. However, limited expertise in transformation initiatives, lack of awareness of new markets and scaling up remain a real challenge for many organizations.

Blockchain is one of the biggest technological change that we are witnessing currently. It is set to change the way we conduct business today, and bring about a tectonic shift in the commercial world. The technology has already started challenging the current infrastructure and it is widely believed that the next decade will bring a significant amount of commerce to the platform. As per industry statistics, the global blockchain market will be $20 billion by 2024 and this is a conservative estimate. Blockchain is currently in the state of evolution, where the Internet was 20 years ago.