On the job coaching

  • On-the-Job Coaching:


    Organization changes are sustainable when employees are enabled and their skills upgraded to perform at a higher effectiveness level. Our On-the-Job Coaching program is specially designed to create an environment that fosters transferring knowledge and capability to the team so that the employees firmly retain the accountability and yet can execute and sustain strategic changes and transformation.

    We follow a comprehensive schedule in this program as shown in the figure below. Our method is based on two primary parameters:

    Getting alignment at leadership level about the problem and its characteristics, solution and its characteristics and implementation details.

    Enabling the organization through class-room trainings as well as on-the-job experience where they can actually exercise and apply skills learned in classroom training.

    Our programs are led by highly experienced coaches who are assigned to a client and have a strong support team to help in the engagement. The support team plays a critical role in framing problems, preparing material for trainings and on-the-job learning as well as project manage engagements. The coaches focus on strategic discussions, mentoring initiatives as well trainings. Our coach’s profile typically would large scale transformation programs, C-level assignments / Function head levels as well as acute business acumen.

    Actual expertise is truly created through experience and true expertise is developed only when acquired skill-sets are practiced in real-life situation. Learning through experience is the practice.

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