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    • LEAN six sigma Process improvement package – combining LEAN six sigma methodology with real-life expertise in organization support functions including Finance, HR, IT, Sourcing, Supply-Chain
    • Change Management Program – supporting any large-scale transformation initiative that includes people, leadership, HR aspects, IT system changes, sourcing
    • Remote Management – Coaching and training to manage globally spread teams, boundary-based vs. task based, global calendars, morale and motivation
    • Managing Cross-Cultural work environment – Managing cultural differences, conflict resolution, governance, religious and geography sensitivities
    • Customer Relations and Interaction Management – Managing relationships around SLAs, Metrics, Conflict management, Process Improvement, Customer management, New opportunity assessment
    • Internal Customer and Leadership Management – Service Partnership Agreements, Internal Customer and Leadership change management – based on 9 layers of change/resistance
    • Service Management – differentiating between lifecycle stage of service management, we customize the service management education package. It is based on evolution/maturity levels of the services provider and the package usually includes educational effort to choose right levels of governance, metrics and employee alignment, self-service awareness, different situation different strokes approach, function to services journey
    • KPIs/Metrics – identification, awareness, education and implementation cycles of KPIs/Metrics are included in the package. Depending on the stage of the organization, we differentiate the metrics starting with transition/first stage metrics followed by vanity metrics, we strive to drive the organization to work towards decision making and business enabling metrics

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