What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

Blockchain is one of the biggest technological change that we are witnessing currently. It is set to change the way we conduct business today, and bring about a tectonic shift in the commercial world. The technology has already started challenging the current infrastructure and it is widely believed that the next decade will bring a significant amount of commerce to the platform. As per industry statistics, the global blockchain market will be $20 billion by 2024 and this is a conservative estimate. Blockchain is currently in the state of evolution, where the Internet was 20 years ago.

What is Blockchain

A blockchain is a peer-to-peer decentralized system of ledgers that records transactions in a secure, immutable and chronological manner. This network of ledgers eliminates the need of intermediaries, thereby cutting costs and reducing time, through a trust-based system to record transactions.

Businesses are undergoing a rapid transformation with digital revolution. The next 30 years is predicted to be a Data technology era and will be led by Blockchain technology on many fronts. Blockchain promises to provide highly secured and cost-effective technologies that will be adopted across small, medium and large enterprises for multi-party transactions.

Why Fifth Chrome

Fifth Chrome has been in the business of organization scale-up and operational excellence for several areas and have helped several companies to re-engineer their organizations and technologies to gain a competitive advantage. With the recently formed partnership with Realvariable, Fifth Chrome now offers a full-suite of blockchain technology based solutions linked with supply-chain and logistics. Our deep understanding of multi-party transactions coupled with blockchain technologies allow us to create bespoke solutions in the FMCG, Automotive, Dairy and Agri-based industries.

Solutions provided across Industries

Manufacturing:  Parts supply-chain track and trace, and anti-counterfeit blockchain solutions

Dairy and Agri-based: Faster access to cash for farmers and primary agricultural producers

Organic Food and Food Tech: Agro procurement supply chain for authenticity and faster access to market

Retail Tech: Last mile distributor retailer payments and account reconciliation

Healthcare: Vaccination tracking integrated with supply-chain monitoring

Our solutions are a combination of blockchain technologies, process re-engineering and change management.

Case studies made available on request:
Use Case 1: Farmer Bill Discounting / Faster access to cash
Use Case 2: FMCG – Distribution Workflow Blockchain Solution
Use Case 3: Supply Chain – Controlling Spare Parts Counterfeits
Use Case 4: Vaccination

How to engage us

Best way to start is to organize a 2-hour “blockchain use case” interactive session with one of our experts. This is a non-commercially binding and a complimentary session. Based on the session, you can make an informed decision on whether your organization is ready to pursue a blockchain strategy or does it still need more internal change to create readiness.