Here are 10 encumbering reasons why private Blockchain is only getting limited traction in the corporate/business world:

  1. Keeping up with the rapidly changing technology landscape
  2. Aversion to crypto-currency and token-based solutions
  3. Disbelief in security structure and immutability of data
  4. Relevant and specific solution for their own business challenges
  5. Understanding of data protection mechanics in distributed technology
  6. Perception that Blockchain will compete with multi-million dollar ERP implementations
  7. Awareness that when Blockchain is coupled with other enabling technologies i.e. IoT, RPA, Analytics can provide 10x relevant solution
  8. Industry thought leaders singular support on multi-party, multi-company stand versus anchor-client eco-system usage
  9. Strong business solutioning is required to drive Blockchain adoption 
  10. Blockchain implementations needs strong change and transformation management

We have undergone these issues in the recent past ourselves and learnt our lessons the hard way. You don’t have to!!

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