Process Excellence

  • Process Excellence


    We live in a continuously fast paced changing world. To remain competitive in business, organizations must change rapidly and therefore, would need to be highly agile and effective.

    Fifth Chrome’s Process Excellence techniques are based on LEAN six-sigma, TQM (Total Quality Management), TOC ( Theory of Constraints ) and other process re-engineering tools.

    Our process improvement toolkit helps to identify key focus areas, detect sufficiency of root causes and help them improve processes through a robust structure to provide significant and sustainable process improvements.

    Integrated Process Approach: Our approach to process improvement is based on evaluating end-to-end processes. This allows us to break functional siloes and helps to create a true multi-functional process. Whether it is Procure-to-Pay, Hire-to-Retire, Order-to-Cash or any other business end-to-end process, we work with organizations to bring in the necessary process, technology, leadership changes as well as provide a robust change management platform to make the changes. Our Function-to-Process approach has enabled organizations to reduce their operating costs by 25-40%.

    Process Improvement: We deploy rich toolsets of LEAN six sigma to drive process improvements. Tools like 5-Whys, Fishbone Charts enable our practitioners to identify and isolate “root” causes rather than address peripheral causes that seem to be associated with the symptoms. We follow DMAIC/DMADV approaches of six sigma and 5S LEAN approach to manage our process improvement and continuous improvement cells.

    Data and business analytics: We specialize in data mining and analysis capabilities that enable us to provide strong insight on how departments operate. Whether managing sales territories or effectiveness of a marketing campaign, our specialist team along with analytics tools are able to convert data into powerful comprehensions.

    Spend analytics: We have deep experience in managing spend especially in indirect spend. Through our audit and analytics process, we have been able to bring down in-direct spend by 15-20%. This result is made achievable by the extra emphasis on the spend categorization, deep acumen of managing spends in blue-chip companies and technology tools that we deploy.

    Service management: Also, referred to as Internal Customer management, Fifth Chrome enables organization functions that have been converted to services for their internal customers. Services like payroll, general accounting, and accounts payable need to be managed and lead like a service and therefore, need to build service management capabilities. Service level / partnership agreements, governance, continuous improvement, and account management form part of the service management portfolio.

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